nehalem river scarfPattern Download (PDF)

Try this pattern for a simple but elegant scarf.

Check out this new knitting pattern from gearhartknitting. This is a great pattern to use to make a scarf, of any length you want, but you will find that a long one you can wrap around a few times will look elegant and chic.

The pattern is a 10 st, 20 row repeat, with a 2 row edging repeat.

The written directions are color coded for easy reading. I have also included two types of charts:

WYSIWYK – what you see is what you knit. I find this the easiest way to follow a chart because then you don’t have to remember what side you are on and just have to follow the symbols.

WYSIWYG – what you see is what you get. This is the traditional type of charting so some of you will prefer this style.

If you use Stitchfiddle I can share the chart with you.



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